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Your happiness is your gift to others

It was discovered that the happiest people are not the ones who have more things but the ones who have more experiences, more memories. What happens is that you can buy shoes, cars, houses, etc., but that lasts for a while and then it wears out. On the other hand, a good memory stays with you all your life. Many times we go crazy to collect things, but we need to know that the happiest people are the ones who collect the most memories; that is why God will give you beautiful experiences so that you can keep every beautiful memory in your heart.

Smile, have peace, so you will do better everywhere. Happy people achieve goals and more goals because they are happy. They do better in business, and they are the best salespeople.

Activate positive emotions

Laughter: it lasts as long as a joke, it is healing, it is not that of the silly clown who denies reality, you can have laughter and sadness internally. A story tells that there was a man who worked in a circus, and he went to the doctor because he was kind of depressed, then the doctor recommended him to go see the clown of the new circus that had come to town; to which the man replied: "that clown I am".

Joy: it is an emotional state that is activated at any time, it is to have a positive outlook on life, it is to worry less about many things. "The joyful heart makes the face beautiful"; Paul said: I command you, I insist: "rejoice". It activates the childish part, do not get hooked with people who level you down, have a good esteem and laugh at the mockery.

Joy: it is a spiritual power (joy and laughter are emotions) is activated by knowing that God is with me and always brings miracles: Jesus said: "take courage, take up your bed and walk" (not the other way around). To the disciples in the storm: "courage I am", because the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Another wonderful weapon to activate positive emotions is the attitude of being grateful:

It is said that there was a tour in heaven and there was a giant shed there with televisions, gift packages, everything. And someone who arrived in heaven asked one who was already there, what was all that, and he answered: "the blessings for the people who asked for it", the angels have to take them, but they are just waiting for the people to give the order. And the man asked: and what is the order? That they say: "thank you Lord" and there God releases his angels to send them.

Keep a record of positive memories Jesus fed the crowd and there were 12 baskets left over. Then they passed to the other side and Jesus walked on the water, and they thought he was a ghost because "they had not yet understood about the loaves."

The memories of what Jesus once did in your life will sustain you in the midst of the storm, in the midst of debt, sickness and conflict.

David when he faced Goliath did not say, "What do I do now?" He said, "I killed the bear, I killed the lion, and I'm going to kill this Philistine, too!" Those memories motivate you and get you excited. David had a way to motivate himself, he always remembered God's promises and said, "my soul bless the Lord and forget not any of his benefits", "I lay down and slept because the Lord sustained me", "you anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over" was empowered with positive memories.

Learn to Flow

Some flow in certain activities (women in the shopping mall, tending plants, reading, playing an instrument, singing, cooking, crafts, gymnastics etc. / men on the court).

Others flow with problems (complaining all day long). We have to enjoy what we do, ask God to give us the work so we can flow. David meditated day and night and said, "I am a tree planted by streams of water, if I set myself to enjoy his presence, my leaf will not fall and my fruit will be ready!"

The shepherd anointed the sheep with oil so that the parasite would not burst their brains; you are anointed by the Holy Spirit, to activate good, beautiful memories and drive out all bad thoughts.

Your happiness is your gift to others. That is why it is important that you affirm:

"Now me. It's my turn!"

And if someone says to you, "But you have a great time!"

Respond, "Yes, it's my gift to you.

Well, if I'm having a good time, you'll be having a good time too."

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